RTMS Overview

In order to become RTMS accredited a company must demonstrate that it has adequately implemented all the requirements of the RTMS national standard (SANS 1395-1:2014). RTMS compliance requires that a company demonstrate that it manages its transport operations with due consideration to road safety and compliance.

The transporter is required to maintain the required systems to show that each vehicle poses a minimal risk to the road infrastructure, the environment and other road users.

Whilst it is important to implement the required processes, it equally important to ensure that such processes are consistently implemented.

The SANS 1395-1:2014 standard (available from sabs.co.za) stipulates the detailed RTMS requirements.

RTMS – Summary Requirements

  •   Payload Optimisation
  •   Prevention of Overloading
  •   Load Safety
  •   Dimensional Compliance
  •   Vehicle Maintenance
  •   Daily Roadworthy verification
  •   Minimise breakdowns
  •   Tyre Management
  •  Monitoring/Control of
  • Speeding
  • Accidents
  • Driving hours
  • Traffic infringements
  • Driver behaviour
  •   Driver medical fitness
  •   Chronic illness management
  •   Fatigue Management
  •   Skills Development
  •   Corrective Actions
  •  Continual Improvement

RTMS Standards