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It has now been confirmed that South Africa has transitioned from lockdown Level 4 to Level 3 on June 1. So, to a large extent most business operations would return to work with almost eight-million more South Africans back according to Trade, Industry and Competition Minister Ebrahim Patel. He cautioned, however, that the move would require individual businesses and workers to bear a larger share of the responsibility for limiting the spread of Covid-19.

Patel said the move to Level 3 had required companies to ensure that they would ensure the risk of infection would be mitigated both at workplaces and while workers travelled to and from work.

Minister Dlamini-Zuma also highlighted that the new regulations required every company to develop a Covid-19 plan and appoint a Covid-19 compliance officer.

“That plan must be known not only by the employer, but by employees and that plan should be available for when inspectors come. If those plans are not adhered to, and Covid-19 starts spreading in a company, the company will have to close.”

It is widely accepted that that Covid-19 would remain a risk for an extended period of time, possibly years, therefore it is essential that companies implement a structured and effective Covid-19 Workplace plan.

This Covid-19 Compliance kit provides all the documents a company needs in order to implement the required health and safety protocols, whilst addressing the government directives. It is a “plug and play” type document in word format, which companies can easily customise and make their own.

The project team that compiled this Covid-19 Toolkit :

Technical Consultant : Yashen Naidoo, B.Sc (Microbiology)

Legal Consultant : Barbara Nair B.PROC; LLB; LLM; ADHE

Research Assistant : Lindo Masikane, B.Com

Covid 19 Toolkit


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